***Please note the following classes are taught via Zoom and a front-facing video camera is required to receive credit.

Continuing Education credit is $10.00 per credit hour***


Texas Realtor CE Residential & Marketing Courses

A Dozen Common TREC Contract Problems | 1 credit hour  Learn to avoid, prevent and solve  common problems when they arise to keep your clients happy and close on time.

Wire Fraud and Cyber Crime | 1 credit hour  The course discusses tactics used by hackers to steal funds from real estate transactions and provides tips for better protecting buyers/sellers and real estate agents against cyber crime.

Closed the Deal: Now What? | 1 credit hour        Don’t let the client/realtor relationship fade due to lack of follow up. Tips on maintaining the client relationship after the transaction will be shared to ensure repeat business.

Selling Safely | 1 credit hour         Learn simple steps to avoid potentially dangerous situations and help keep you and your client’s property safe.

Smooth Sailing for a Smooth Closing | 1 credit hour  Set sail for a smooth closing by understanding the title commitment and examination process.

Selling Across Generations | 1 credit hour        Learn how to effectively market, sell and communicate across all generations.

Turn A For Sale by Owner into a Listing | 1 credit hour       Steps will be shared that will help you connect with the seller in hopes of turning the FSBO into a customer.

The Title Insurance Policy – What It Does & Does Not Cover | 1 credit hour        What is title insurance, why is it important, who needs it and how much does it cost? In this course, real estate agents will learn the answers to all of these  questions along with details about the title policy every real estate agent should know.

The Texas Title Commitment – Schedules A-D | 1 credit hour        We will walk through one of the most important aspects  of all real estate transactions; the Title Commitment. Real estate agents will learn the importance of each Schedule  whether representing buyers or sellers. We will also take a brief look at what the title policy does and not cover.

Surveys – A Brief Guide | 1 credit hour  This class will equip real estate agents with knowledge for reviewing a survey  and provide a checklist to assist with listing appointments including the proper execution of a T-47.

Death, Guardianships and Real Estate | 1 credit hour  Learn how the ownership of property is affected by death and guardianship.

The Art of Keeping Customers for Life | 1 credit hour  Repeat and referral business is every real estate agent’s dream,  and it starts by providing value to customers before they leave the closing table.

Social Media Guide for Real Estate Agents | 1 credit hour  This class will explain the benefits of the most popular social media platforms and show examples of what to post on each platform.

The Power of Video | 1 credit hour           Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to capture people’s attention  in real estate, however, it is often avoided due to several factors. In this class, we will watch and discuss several different real estate videos, talk about apps and platforms to help create videos and show you the steps to create and customize a YouTube channel to promote your videos.

Texas Realtor CE Legal Courses (Presented by Underwriter Attorneys)

TAR Commercial Contracts: In-Depth Analysis | 2 credit hours
An in-depth review of the TAR Commercial contract. Learn how to prepare commercial contracts and how to advise clients as to their obligations so the sale successfully closes.

Contracts and Critical Dates in Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour
A more condensed version of our TAR Commercial Contracts class for experienced agents.

Endorsements to Title Policies for Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour (for Realtors & Attorneys)
Learn what title insurance policy endorsements are available to your clients for commercial property, and the cost associated with each endorsement.

Title Policies for Commercial Transactions | 1 credit hour
Learn what title insurance policies cover as well as alternatives to these policies and their costs.

Foreclosures and REO Sales | 1 credit hour
Foreclosures and REO properties have different title requirement. Learn what your title company and lender need to close on time.

For more information on how to coordinate and schedule a Continuing Education Course for your office via Zoom, contact your Edwards Escrow Officer at [email protected] or Elva Jackson Garza, Vice President & Marketing Manager [email protected] Marilyn De Luna, Vice President of Education & Training/Sr. Escrow Officer [email protected] Jordan Lewis, Client Relations [email protected]


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