Mark S. Peña

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As an attorney for Edwards Abstract and Title Co., Mark Peña is a man who “has all his ducks in a row.” He is a man of many passions: his wife, his children, his work, his community, music, travel, food, and cycling to name a few.  His secret to enjoying so many facets of life is simple: Know what’s important. “It’s easy to get caught up in your life, to forget what’s really important,” he said. “We need to remember what really matters.”

Growing up in Edinburg with his brothers and sister set the foundation for putting family first. They spent plenty of time outside, enjoying hunting, fishing, bike riding and family barbecues. His family has a long history in the legal profession.

Bonding with his large family led him to feel comfortable being part of a large organization like Edwards in his adult life. “Being an attorney at Edwards Abstract and Title Co. is such a good fit for me,” he said, “Byron and Alan have been such good friends and good teachers, and I love that we all work together for common goals, to get people into homes, and that helps the community as a whole.” 

Mark and his wife Michelle, actually met as part of a group. She was in the church choir in Austin, and he was a hired soloist. Yes, Mark is an opera singer, as well as attorney. Music is another important puzzle piece that fits into his life. Love bloomed, and they lived in San Antonio and Austin while he graduated UT-Austin and finished his law degree at Texas Wesleyan University. Then they packed up their family, their knowledge and their passions and brought them all to the Valley. “The Valley had changed and grown so much in the time I had been away, but it felt good to be home, near my family, back to the backyard barbecues,” he said.

After stints as a courtroom lawyer, he found real estate law. “I remember I did really well in school when it came to real estate law, but for some reason, I hadn’t considered it,” he said. “The philosophy at Edwards Abstract fits well with my own. Family is important here. I don’t want to look back on my life and see that I missed seeing my kids grow up.”

Mark devotes countless hours to his community, having served as president of the Edinburg Rotary Club and chairman of the Edinburg Environmental committee.He and Michelle are raising six children in the Valley, and they’re also doing their best to raise awareness of sustainable cities. Having lived in bigger cities and traveled around, they’ve seen how communities can become more walkable, more green, and more accommodating to all walks of society by adding trees, sidewalks, bike trails, and diverse housing.

Mark always greets everyone with a big smile on his face. “I enjoy being around people,” he said. “I couldn’t imagine working alone in my office all day.”

Anytime you see new sidewalks being paved or a new bike trail going in, Mark Peña is probably one of the driving forces behind it. Edinburg is lucky he returned home.