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As a young boy in elementary school on a military base in the Philippines, Mike Overly and his classmates knew the significance of two M.P.s appearing at their classroom door.  This was during the Vietnam years, and it was an all too-common experience. When the teacher focused her gaze on Mike, he knew they were there for him, bearing news about his dad that he did not want to hear. He refused to get up from his desk because, as he told his teacher, “my parents told me never to go with strangers.”  He did eventually go face what he didn’t want to face, that his father was shot down during a mission and was MIA in enemy territory.

Mike learned that day, and every day he had to face new classmates in the 14 schools he attended during the 27 moves his family made, that there is no use running away from anything. He sees the gift in those experiences that he treasures to this day. He learned that his father was a tortured POW who cared for his cellmate, the future senator John McCain. That knowledge taught him to be tough, mentally and physically.

“I’m a person who likes to meet my challenges every day and not side-step them, no matter how hard it gets,” said Mike.  His father came back knowing what was really important in life and passed it on to his son.

As CFO and COO of Edwards Abstract and Title Co., Mike uses these lessons every day. As CFO, he is in charge of the financial on-goings of the company. As COO, he works with CEO Byron Jay Lewis to help implement and design company strategies. He especially enjoys traveling from branch to branch, seeing where he can motivate and equip company members to do their best. “I like making sure their needs are met, making their job as easy as possible.”

Preparation, determination, and follow-through are key traits that apply to both work and play for Mike. If you happen to be on the road very early, you might catch a glimpse of Mike Overly as he whooshes past on his bicycle. You also might see him running or swimming laps because Mike and his entire family train to compete as tri-athletes.    

“After graduating from USC, I worked as an accountant for Arthur Anderson in California, surfing on weekends,” he recalls. It was there he met his equally athletic wife Sandy, choosing to settle in a place good for family and for outdoor activities – The Rio Grande Valley.

A Certified Public Accountant, Mike has more than 25 years of management experience with organizations in a variety of industries. He is also actively involved in community organizations, having served as president of McAllen North Rotary Club and on the Leadership McAllen Steering Board. 

“I saw so many things when I was a child living in the Philippines,” Mike said. “I saw poverty, violence, people living in such a culturally different way. I lived through not knowing if my father was dead or alive, so I appreciate the stability of the life we have here now, with my family, in this place and in this company,” he said. And he’s up for whatever comes his way.


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