Nancy Bryant

Nancy BryantVice President
Human Resources/Escrow Operations/Accounting
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Direct fax: 956-289-3008

Nancy Bryant brings the sunshine when she enters a room. The woman is seriously lit from within. Nancy is the Vice-President of Human Resources, Accounting and Operations at Edwards Abstract and Title Co., and as her title implies, she wears many hats yet somehow manages to juggle each one with grace and ease. One moment, she might be working directly with the bosses to make sure things run smoothly, and the next she is taking care of payroll and insurance benefits. Nancy’s tenure of 19 years in the title industry and ten years in the banking industry has allowed her to serve in various capacities and to earn the position of office manager.

Among her responsibilities is interviewing new hires for the office, a role she enjoys because it allows her to mentor people beginning their lives in the working world. “I say to them, listen, I can tell you’re nervous, and I want you to know there’s nothing to be nervous about. We’re just having a conversation,” she said, “I think that puts them at ease.” Even after they leave, she likes to touch base with them to let them know they have a safe haven with her. She has two children of her own, grown now, but she hopes that others will treat them with that same kind of compassion as they make their way into the world.

“I’m a firm believer that when my feet hit the ground each day, I’m going to make it a good one,” she said. “I believe we set our own positive intentions, and that makes us in charge of our destiny that day.” She knows that one never knows what’s around the corner, so she aims to make the most of each day.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the wide circle of friends and family in Nancy’s life reaps the benefits of her compassion and thoughtfulness. Her mother spent the last part of her life in a nursing home where Nancy visited her before work, at lunch, and after. She came to know and love many of the other residents as well. Even since her mother passed away, Nancy and her husband continue to go back and visit the other residents armed with little gifts and attention.

In her free time, she gets up at 5 a.m. to walk the dog with her husband, then she bicycles for exercise and a little time to herself. “I can’t sit still,” she said. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and baking. “I like to make healthy choices,” she said, divulging the final ingredient of her secret recipe for a happy, healthy life.

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