Romelia Galindo

McAllen Office

Escrow Officer


Phone: (956) 292-7307

Romelia Galindo bio photoRomelia Galindo has been in the title business for 16 years, which probably means people have been hearing laughter from behind doors where business has been taking place for just as long. “I like to make people feel comfortable,” she said. “Even in the closing rooms, I joke with them to make it as easy for them as possible.” She also feels that giving people as much information as possible helps keeps anxiety down. “I tell them to call or email me as often as they need to. I’m here for you, it’s no bother.”

She began as a receptionist and wanted to move up, so she started learning about what other positions required. “I ask a lot of questions,” she said. That was the beginning of her learning every aspect of the title business from reading the title commitment to knowing how to clear it.

“Every buyer, every customer is different,” she said. “They each have their own story, and I love helping them. I treat every single file, every person as if they were a family member.”

She loves helping people realize their dream of owning a home and couples upsizing to accommodate their growing family or empty nesters who are down-sizing.

Romy said that the reason she is meant to do this is that she loves putting customers at ease throughout the process with the winning combination of information and joking around.

“I just love to talk to people, to help people,” she said. “I’ll do whatever I can, and if I can’t get it, I’ll direct them to someone who can.”

She loves to volunteer at the homebuyer fairs. “I want to inform potential customers of why titles are so important to secure their large purchase. Whatever that title costs, it’s so worth it and a small sum compared with the security it provides for their major purchase.”

In her free time, she spends time with her sons and grandsons. Fishing is a favorite pastime. They go anywhere there is water and fish. “We’ll pack up chips and sodas and water, and just spend time together, talking, laughing, helping the little ones with their lines, and making memories.”

Whether she’s in a closing room or with her family, Romelia leaves a trail of laughter and comfort in her wake.

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